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Never forget that the galaxy is large and it barely even realizes you're a part of it. You start with a choice, you'll either blend into the background or make enough of a mess to stand out. So, which is it? --Maxwell Tion

Overview of Minnas Universe

Minnas Universe is a pre-built science-fiction universe for use by role-players. It is open to contributions from anyone, either new articles that continue to expand the universe or new Adventures to add more easily playable scenarios. This wiki is notionally for the Generic Universal Role-playing System 4th edition, or GURPS 4e, created by Steve Jackson. Many character pages have character info from GURPS. MORPS is in no way associated with GURPS or Steve Jackson Games, and in no way requires the use of the GURPS system.

How to use this Wiki

With this wiki as a reference you can easily call up information on topics ranging from Dangerous Creatures to a list of celebrities during a session. For more information on the most efficient way to use this wiki read the link below titled: Strategies on Using this Wiki.

If you would like more information please follow the links below:

Monthly Featured Article

Defa Tati is a well known television presenter and a tri-realm celebrity. Well known for her 12 year run on Love and Loss in Dawn Defa moved into presenting a host of television features and starting her own show Defa Digs. Although semi-retired Defa continues to host her most recent show Defa Designs from her nature reserve on her private planet Oliv in the Outer Rim.

Bi-Weekly Featured Adventure

Adventure:The_Captured_Trader is an adventure in which the crew has captured a member of the T45 organization. Through their capture of this member they are presented with an option of utilizing some information that he holds to pull a once-in-a-lifetime heist.