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MORPS has a well-established base for the universe, with some areas of it being more fleshed out than others. This article serves and a primer for the general structure of the universe and some of the more interesting avenues for its use as a role-playing reference.

Galactic Breakdown

The MORPS Universe can be most easily divided into 5 major categories. These are listed below with a brief description and a link to their section under this background.

  • The Tri-Realms - This is the group of the three largest nations: Empire of Klacit-bon, Naala Commonwealth, and Vulnirs Dawn. Any of these four realms are large enough for diverse and interesting play on their own. This is the only category that is further broken down, as each of the Tri-Realms are vastly different and present vastly different avenues for play.
  • The Major Realms/Developed Space - These are some of the larger nations whom it can be interesting to play as members of. Spys, Diplomats, Explorers, Scientists, and Commandos; all of these are interesting avenues of play for within the Major Realms.
  • Corporations - There are 5 Big Corporations which are large enough that their presence throughout the galaxy is well known. There are tons of smaller corporations as well. Playing as members of a corporation can make for interesting espionage or mercenary based game-play, sending characters into all sectors of space and giving the GM a heavy ability to direct the story.
  • Far Reaches - The Far Reaches are the area of the Outer Rim and partially Inner Rim that is the least densely populated and mostly uncontrolled. This area presents the most traditional "space-faring rogues" group.
  • Unexplored Space - This is the area outside of the Naala Commonwealth's control. It is an area that the Commonwealth (and others) are constantly exploring, mapping, and building gates in. As such this area is good for groups looking to interact with less space-faring species and focus more on aspects of discovery or exploration.


The Tri-Realms are the three largest nations in the Universe. They hold an outsized influence on the Galactic Organization of Independent Nations (commonly called GOIN), and control the most territory and are the most highly developed. Each nation is radically different and presents for different opportunities for play.

The Empire of Klacit-bon

The Empire of Klacit-bon is the oldest of the nations, by over a century, and the most technologically developed of the tri-realms. The majority of its holdings are highly concentrated and highly developed, unlike the other two tri-realms. The Empire is the smallest of the Tri-Realms, both in terms of controlled space and population.

The Empire is very traditional with pageantry and ritual being large parts of their custom. Each planet is ruled by a King, Queen, or Vout who is elected by the royal families of that world until their death. The Xonid-do, the Imperial Majesty, is the ruler of all worlds and sits upon a thrown on Klacit-bon. He too is elected for life, this time by the Council of Sovereigns which is made up of the rulers of each planet.

For the past nearly 300 years the Empire has not expanded greatly, and during the ongoing reign of Rise II the Empire has mainly focused on great projects inside its boundaries.

The Empire was at war for nearly 200 years and is still weary of them, with border skirmishes common but quickly defused. They do not respect the Commonwealth but have peaceful relations with them.

Slavery is legal and common inside of the Empire making them greatly hated across the universe. The Empire, and the lords making it up, do not tolerate changes to tradition and any new ideas or upstarts by commoners/slaves are quickly dealt with by a very heavy hand.

Avenues of Play: Rebels, smugglers, royalty. (Always beware of playing the baddies in the Empire.)

Naala Commonwealth

The Naala Commonwealth is a collection of nations that have banded together for prosperity and safety in the wider galaxy (primarily against the Empire of Klacit-bon, but some nations join for protection from smaller enemies. The Commonwealth is a peaceful organization, having never joined into a war effort and seeking diplomacy and negotiated treaties above other resolutions.

The Commonwealth is a primarily human

Vulnirs Dawn

Vulnirs Dawn is the newest and least technologically advanced of the Tri-Realms. The Dawn controls the most galactic space of any of the Tri-Realms but loosely controls it, with lawlessness getting worse towards its outer edge and the Outlaw Lacuna existing where they have secede control of their past holdings.

The Dawn was built upon mass colonization, with many Vulru, believing that it was their duty to conquer the stars and willingly being sent on colony ships to planets they could possibly never return from. From roughly 300BNZ until 0ANZ the Dawn spread through this method; building colony ships, sending them to hopeful planets, and then integrating the planet into the Dawn once established enough on that world. If the planet had a sentient (or pre-sentient) inhabitant they would become citizens of the Dawn but not be expected (or wanted) to help in colonization. Since the establishing of the Neutral Zone the Dawn has ceased colonization and attempted to solidify its holdings, having lost the Outlaw Lacuna and seeking to avoid another such event.

The Dawn is slowly attempting to be reformed by loosely associated political parties called the Reformists United. However due to the Sovereign being elected only by citizens of Vulron and representation in Parliament being 1 seat per planet, the odds continue to be stacked in favor of the Vulro species.

Avenues of Play: Smugglers, Reformists, Politicians, Military/Commandos, Traders


Corporations can be powerful entities in the universe with 5 corporations being so large that they control an entire planet and command offices inside of GOIN itself! Working for these corporations, especially if higher up, can command much respect and earn a sentient many credits. Some dive headfirst into the rat-race of it while others get stuck, either through debt or poor decisions (like robbing a Mezari Corp freighter.)

(A section should be added on playing as a smaller corporation member.)

Being an employee of the Big 5 Corporations doesn't just mean you have a boring desk job, many of the corporations run things like mercenary wings, corporate espionage divisions, scientific/medical research departments, or exploration divisions. Sales-sentients are also likely

Far Reaches

The Far Reaches are the area of the Outer Rim outside of Naala and Dawn controlled territory, although some of the Inner Rim is considered part of this. The Far Reaches are controlled by many independent nations that may only control one planet or a system. Many of these nations are members of GOIN, although some are not. This area of space is primarily protected by brute strength or mercenaries, although the Naala Commonwealth often contributes fighters to stop piracy and hijackings.

This is the area of space where outlaws can often be found.

Avenues of Play: Freighters, Mercenaries, Pirates, Outlaws, Traders, Gang Members For more info see Getting Started in the Far Reaches